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Moling Technology: A Methodical Approach to Subsurface Utility Installation

Moling, a service provided by On Target Drilling, represents a disciplined approach to subsurface utility installations. Also known as horizontal bore technology, moling distinguishes itself through its non-disruptive characteristics, making it a pragmatic solution for projects emphasising surface preservation.

Applications of Moling:

Moling Technology is a non-disruptive pipe or cable installation method in the United Kingdom.

Moling, as offered by On Target Drilling, exemplifies a commitment to precision and efficiency in subsurface utility installations. As a non-disruptive method, Moling provides an innovative solution for projects where surface preservation, environmental responsibility, and precision engineering are paramount.

Residential Utility Installations:

Moling finds extensive use in residential areas for the installation of utilities, ensuring a harmonious integration of essential services without visual disruption.

Telecommunication Cable Deployments:

The non-intrusive nature of Moling makes it particularly suitable for the installation of telecommunication cables, offering a balanced solution in projects where landscape aesthetics are a priority.

Key Attributes of Moling:

Horizontal Bore Technology:

Moling employs specialised equipment to create horizontal bores beneath the surface. This method facilitates precise installations of utilities, such as water and sewer lines, gas pipes, and telecommunication cables, with minimal surface impact.

Preservation of Residential Landscapes:

Tailored for residential areas, Moling excels in preserving the visual harmony of properties. Its design allows for utility installations without the need for extensive excavation, ensuring the protection of driveways, lawns, and landscaping features.

Reduced Surface Disruption:

One of the primary benefits of HDD is its capacity to minimise surface disturbances. Unlike traditional methods that involve extensive excavation, HDD allows for the installation of utilities beneath obstacles such as roads, rivers, and urban areas without disrupting the surface.

How we do it without disturbing your driveway

Directional Drilling

Moling Technology

Moling, also known as horizontal bore technology, provides a non-disruptive solution for utility installation, especially in residential settings. It allows for the installation of utilities beneath surfaces with minimal impact, preserving landscapes and infrastructure.

No Need to Worry about your Garden or Driveway!

With our Moling Trenchless Technology, we can achieve the pipe installation to your property without the need to dig up or trench your garden or driveway. Saving you any damage to your property grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Moling, or horizontal bore technology, is a non-disruptive method of creating horizontal bores beneath the surface for utility installations. Unlike traditional drilling methods, Moling minimises surface disturbance, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring surface preservation.

The many uses of Moling is commonly applied in residential areas, urban developments, and projects with limited space. Its primary advantages include minimal disruption to landscapes, reduced environmental impact, and the ability to navigate confined spaces with precision.

With regards to Moling, it  minimises environmental impact by reducing surface disturbances during utility installations. With less soil disruption and habitat disturbance, moling aligns with environmental stewardship principles, making it a sustainable choice for subsurface projects.

Yes, Moling is versatile and can be employed for various utilities, including water and sewer lines, gas pipes, and telecommunication cables. It is especially suitable for urban environments due to its non-intrusive nature, allowing for utility installations beneath roads and sidewalks with minimal disruptions.

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