Directional Drilling Contractors Southampton

Horizontal directional drilling is used as an alternative to moling when you need to bore longer distances and have more control of the direction of the mole head.

A pilot bore is steered from the initial borehole to the target borehole and the hole is then enlarged to accommodate your water pipe, cabling, ducting, etc.

Directional Drilling Southampton

Directional drilling can be used to bore under tracks, driveways, roads and even buildings. From a single entrance borehole directional drilling can be used to bore holes in excess of 200m and can be steered to within a -/+20mm target destination as a trenchless solution.

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Installing Water Pipes With Directional Drilling

A new water main can be installed in next to no time and with very little disruption or disturbance with directional drilling,

A borehole is excavated near the existing public mains supply and a directional drill is used to bore a hole to another borehole where the water pipe terminates at the property.

The molehead is then used to pull the new water pipe through the hole, boreholes are backfilled and made good and your local water company completes the connection of your new water supply


Directional Drilling Contractors Southampton
Directional Drilling Southampton
Southampton Directional Drilling Company
Directional Drilling Southampton Area

Directional Drilling Nationwide Contractor

Note: From 2024 we have been providing a nationwide trenchless drilling service and Horizontal Directional Drilling.

Installing Cables Telecommunications Cabling Fibre Broadband With Directional Drilling

Directional drilling for cables can either be used for directly installing cables, telecommunication lines, fibre broadband, etc. or for installing the ducting required to installation at a later date.

Moling is generally used for distance below 50m, but when you get above this or are not boring holes in a straight line directional drilling comes in to its element.

Installing Ducting With Directional Drilling Southampton Area

Directional Drilling is the ideal solution for installing ducting as it minimalizes the need for trenches and the disruption to people and the environment.

A duct can be installed far faster than using traditional trenching methods, far cheaper and can often be done without having to close the are which is having the ducting installed.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Southampton – The trenchless drilling solution to install utilities

On Target Drilling are your strategic partner in achieving drilling excellence. Specialising in HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling, our expert team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled results across various sectors. Initialy providing trenchless directional drilling in the Southampton area we now provide Nationwide Horizontal Directional Drilling service, contact us for a quick turn around and no disruption to your surfaces.


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