Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Horizontal Drilling Navigating Precision in Subsurface Installations

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) stands as a sophisticated and precise method employed by On Target Drilling for subsurface utility installations. This engineering technique has become integral to modern infrastructure development, offering a range of advantages in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Applications of HDD:

HDD stands as a testament to the evolution of non-disruptive drilling methods in the United Kingdom.

Horizontal Directional Drilling epitomises precision and efficiency in subsurface utility installations. As a cornerstone of On Target Drilling’s services, HDD ensures that projects are executed with meticulous accuracy, minimising environmental impact and maximising the longevity of infrastructure.

Urban Utility Installations:

HDD is widely used in urban settings for the installation of water and sewer lines, telecommunication cables, and power conduits. The precision of HDD minimises disruptions to roads and existing infrastructure.

Infrastructure Crossings:

HDD is instrumental in infrastructure crossings, allowing utilities to pass beneath obstacles like roads, railways, and waterways. This capability ensures uninterrupted service delivery without the need for extensive surface disruptions.

Key Components of Horizontal Drilling (HDD):

Precision Engineering:

HDD is characterised by its ability to create boreholes with precise trajectories beneath the surface. This precision allows for the installation of pipelines, cables, and conduits with minimal surface disruption.

Borehole Planning and Guidance:

The process begins with meticulous borehole planning, considering the specific needs of the project. Advanced guidance systems, including gyroscopic and magnetic technologies, ensure the drill follows the intended path accurately.

Reduced Surface Disruption:

One of the primary benefits of HDD is its capacity to minimise surface disturbances. Unlike traditional methods that involve extensive excavation, HDD allows for the installation of utilities beneath obstacles such as roads, rivers, and urban areas without disrupting the surface.

How we do it without disturbing your driveway

Directional Drilling

Moling Technology

Moling, also known as horizontal bore technology, provides a non-disruptive solution for utility installation, especially in residential settings. It allows for the installation of utilities beneath surfaces with minimal impact, preserving landscapes and infrastructure.

Horizontal Direction Drilling

HDD is a precision engineering technique that facilitates the installation of pipelines and cables beneath obstacles without extensive excavation. Particularly useful in urban areas and environmentally sensitive regions, it minimizes disruption to existing infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Directional drilling is a specialised drilling technique that allows the drilling of non-vertical boreholes. It involves the use of tools and equipment to control the trajectory and direction of the bore, enabling drilling in specific directions underground.

  • Directional drilling is commonly used in various industries, including oil and gas exploration, utility installation (such as water and sewer lines, telecommunication cables), environmental monitoring, and infrastructure development.
  • Directional drilling involves the use of a drill bit and downhole tools to deviate the borehole from the vertical. This is achieved through the manipulation of the drill string and the use of measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and logging-while-drilling (LWD) technologies to monitor and adjust the drilling direction in real-time.
  • Directional drilling offers several benefits, including minimal surface disruption, the ability to reach specific subsurface targets, reduced environmental impact, and the capability to navigate challenging terrains.

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